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Silanes for adhesive and as waterproof agents for construction materials
Time : 2017-04-02 18:20:59

Adhesive adhesion promoter and Construction materials waterproof agent (adhesion promoters, waterproof agents for concretes,cements)
Silanes in adhesives
Silanes are widely used to improve the adhesion of a broad range of adhesives and sealants to inorganic substrates such as metals, glass and stone. Silanes apply in aircraft, automotive, and construction industries depends upon forming durable bonds to metal, glass, ceramic, and other surfaces that will withstand exposure to heat, ultraviolet radiation, humidity and water.
As Adhesion Promoters
Silanes added to adhesives or used as primers on substrates, they often provide dramatic improvement in adhesion by reducing moisture attack at the interface. This results in improved
• Moisture resistance
• Temperature resistance
• Chemicals resistance
As Crosslinkers
Silanes can be used to crosslink polymers such as acrylates, polyethers, polyurethanes, and polyesters to improve:
• Tear resistance
• Elongation at the break
• Tear propagation
• Abrasion resistance
Water Scavengers
Since silanes react rapidly with water, they can be used in a formulation to capture excess moisture to:
• Prevent premature cure during compounding
• Enhance uniform curing
• Improve package stability
Coupling Agents
When used as a coupling agent, silanes bind organic polymers to mineral or siliceous fillers, resulting in:
• Improved mixing
• Better bonding of pigment or fillers to resins
• Increased matrix strength

As waterproof agents for construction materials
Alkyl-silanes and phenyl silanes widely used as waterproof agent for construction materials, like cements, concretes, wooden materials. Silanes can offer breathable waterproof membrane. Zoorychem study the waterproofing agents by contact angle, resistance against chloride ion permeability and water adsorption rate, We also developed some types mixture for concretes, to get better water resistance ability, and easier to operate. Welcome to inquiry and ask for samples for test.