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Ink additives(silanes and titanates)
Time : 2017-04-02 18:21:09

Ink (adhesion promoters)
Silanes in ink
Silane monomers, such as organofunctional alkoxysilanes, have wide utility in coatings and inks as adhesion promoters, pigment treatment agents, and crosslinking agents. Inorganic alkoxy functionality, coupled with a wide range of organofunctional groups, allows for covalent bonding between organic polymers and mineral surfaces (for example: pigments, fillers, and glass and metal substrates). 
The application of silanes for inks has provided improvements in:
• Abrasion resistance
• Adhesion
• Flow behavior
• Pigment and filler dispersion
• UV resistance
• Water and chemical resistance

Titanates and Titanium chelate complexes in ink industry.
Good adhesion and improved stability to solvents and heat stability are of particular importance, special types of titanates can be added to ready-made printing inks or can be incorporated into the printing ink during manufacture.
Titantes are for increasing the adhesion of print inks.