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Silanes applications in Coating industry
Time : 2017-04-05 15:28:00

Coating(pigments or fillers dispersion promoters, adhesion promoters, anti-skinning agent)
Increase adhesion to substrates, -OH, -NH hydrogen bonding.
Increase crosslink density of coating.
A. Increase hardness(most case, but not all)
B. Increase mar resistance
C. Improve solvent, acid, base resistance.
D. Improve water resistance.
E. Increase abrasion resistance
Change Resin properties, i.e. thermoplastic to thermoset.
Disperse Pigments, pigments/ mineral filler dispersion.
Silanes as primer, or some cases used for Solvent-based and UV coatings (e.g. KH-570). Also few silanes for waterborne coatings(KH-553, KH-7180). Silanes for Acrylic Emulsion polymerization (KH-1706,KH-171, KH-151).
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