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Additives for Plastic(main silanes)
Time : 2017-04-05 15:33:17

Plastic (processing agents, fillers dealing agents, silicone master batches, resin stable agents)
A. As Coupling agents to bind organic polymers to mineral or siliceous fillers, resulting in improved mixing, bonding and strength
B. As Crosslinking agents to improve a polymers resistance to tears and abrasion.
C. As Polypropylene catalyst “donors”, like our product KH-151,KH-171
Our silanes application in plastics could help to improve:
• Mechanical strength
• Electrical properties
• Moisture resistance in polymers
• Water repellency
• Adhesion
• Compatibility
• Dispersion of pigments, minerals and fillers
• Polymer yield
Please contact us, we’d like to recommend you right additives, including silanes and titanates to solve the problems or to improve your final products’ properties.
We also offer good compatibility silicone master batches for plastic processing.